Walk in any modern kitchen and the number one sought after item is a granite countertop. This is true whether it is in a residential home or apartment, a break room in a retail store or inside a doctor’s office, or in any number of suites and other luxury-style rooms found in upscale hotels from coast to coast across the nation.

Your home will be a more welcoming space for both family members and invited guests when your kitchen remodel includes new granite countertops. In fact, granite countertops can take the kitchen in your family’s home from boring to fun without losing any of the original functionality of the room. In fact, new granite counters can make it even more functional than it was before.

Benefits of adding granite counters to your family’s kitchen include, but are not limited to the following:

  1. Granite counters add value to your kitchen. Granite brings the outdoors in, and any time you can add outside elements to the inside of your home, especially something as eco-friendly as granite, then you add to the value of your home. Although it may not add to the monetary amount of the home’s resale value, it will add appeal to interested buyers if you should ever put your family’s home on the market.
  2. Granite countertops are durable. In fact, you would be hard pressed to find a more durable stone-based countertop than granite. It is super tough, which means you would have a hard time scratching or chipping the surface of the stone. A sealer on the stone, applied by a professional for best results, can extend the life of the counter and help it resist stains as well.
  3. Granite is an earth friendly material. It also retains its natural look. Think about the difference between a plain old rock and one that has been tumbled and polished to retain a high sheen that enhances the natural pattern of the material. The same basic principle applies to your kitchen granite counters, allowing countertops to come in basic, marbled, or speckled patterns.
  4. Granite resists bacteria and dirt. Because the surface of the sealed granite countertop is not porous, meaning things will not soak into it, your kitchen is less likely to be plagued by dirt, bacteria, and other grime commonly found on countertops and in kitchens. The smooth, sealed surface also allows you to clean up messes from kitchen prep and spills easier.
  5. Granite is easy to fix in the event that it does scratch or chip. For example, imagine that a cast iron pot comes crashing down on your granite countertop and leaves an unsightly chip in the stone. The professional who installed the countertop in the first place can come out and use a kind of putty dyed to match the exact color of your countertop, then reseal the stone to protect it from spills.
  6. Granite is a family friendly kitchen countertop material. If you have little ones who like to help in the kitchen but our prone to spilling, or older family members who may do things like set a hot pan directly on the surface of the countertop, granite can take the abuse. And if the family cat has a habit of jumping on counters, then his claws will probably not scratch the surface, either.
  7. Granite countertops are perfectly flat. Do you need to roll out dough on a flat surface, such as for making cookies or kneading bread? All cooks, whether a professional baker or chef or someone who enjoys culinary arts as a hobby, needs a flat surface for cooking and baking. Granite countertops provide this flat surface in the form of a countertop. 

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source: keystone-granite.com