granite countertops troy mi

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Granite countertops have a lot of perks that other countertops do not. First and foremost, granite is one of the sturdiest types of materials you would be able to use for your countertops. It is really hard to scratch granite and it is not going to break unless something that is extremely heavy is dropped on it. It is pretty hard to stain a granite countertop as well. Since granite appears as various colors, even if it did stain, it wouldn’t be very obvious to anyone. Granite installation also gives you invisible seams, so it looks like one piece of stone rather than multiple pieces put together.

Granite countertops are family and children friendly. Granite countertops are very sturdy and they don’t hold onto bacteria. This is good because you don’t have to worry about bacteria building up and possibly getting all over your food. It is also sturdy enough that it would be too difficult for your children to be able to break.

Lastly, of course there is the appearance of the countertops that attracts everyone! No two granite countertops are the same. Depending on how the light hits the countertops, the local granite appearance is going to change often. All countertops are unique because granite is always different. Granite is a popular countertop style for a lot of people since they are useful and they are nice countertops for so many reasons. source:

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