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Increase the Value of Your Kitchen with Granite Countertops

One of the quickest way to add value to your home is by upgrading the kitchen. If that phrase causes you to shudder with thoughts of a full scale renovation that costs a lot of time and money, then you are in luck. Your kitchen is likely to be the most used room of your home, and there is no reason to render it out of commission while plumbers, electricians, and other contractors come and go at all hours of the day.

You can change the look of your entire kitchen by just switching out your existing countertops with ones made from granite. Granite countertops are the perfect solution for those homeowners who cannot afford or do not have time for a full scale renovation but who want to increase the value of their home. Additionally you might also consider adding a granite counter to your bathroom, mudroom, or outdoor patio.

Why Granite Adds Value to Your Kitchen

Granite is more than just a passing trend in kitchen renovation. Installing a granite countertop offers so many benefits over ones made from other types of materials, like acrylic or butcher block. It is important to know the benefits of granite before you go shopping around. Here are the most important benefits to adding granite counters to your kitchen, but you may think of even more.

  • VISUAL APPEAL – Granite countertops add visual appeal due to the natural marbleized and speckled patterns. Because Mother Nature created these patterns deep below the surface of the earth, you can guarantee that even two granite countertops that are the same color will not look exactly alike.
  • AFFORDABLE – Compared to other types of countertops, such as quartz which is another type of material that offers similar benefits, granite is fairly affordable. This is true even when you add in fees for design, raw materials, and installation. That is because when adding up the costs, it is important to consider the longevity of the granite stone.
  • LONGEVITY – A jewelry store once used the popular slogan, “diamonds are forever”. When it comes to kitchen countertops, you could easily say that “granite is forever” because with careful maintenance and regular applications to reseal the natural stone, it is possible that the granite countertop you install in your kitchen could outlast how long you live in the home.
  • DURABILITY – Granite is made of one of the hardest stones known to man. This means it is very durable. It is not, however, indestructible and can crack if a hard object falls down onto it. If this happens, your cabinet installer can use materials to repair and seal the crack so that you will hardly be able to tell that it ever happened.
  • MAINTENANCE – Granite countertops are easy to maintain. Most of what it takes to clean your granite countertop boils down to basic common sense, like wiping up spills as soon as possible to prevent stains or regularly cleaning the surface to prevent the spread of bacteria. Because these are things that are part of general kitchen maintenance, it makes your new granite countertops easy to keep clean.

Granite countertops can add as much as 25% to the value of your kitchen once they are installed. This is because real estate agents and mortgage lenders see granite as a high quality material. When they see this in your home, then they feel your home is a worthy investment. While it does not necessarily guarantee a higher resale value to your home, it can help your home sell more quickly after you put it on the market.

Adding a Granite Backsplash to an Existing Counter

What happens when you like your kitchen counter? Perhaps your home was newly renovated before you bought it. You can still add visual interest and increase the value of your home by installing a granite backsplash. It offers the same benefits as a counter in terms of durability and easiness to clean while coordinating with the other elements in the room.

One popular misconception is that the backsplash has to be the same material as the countertop. Matching the backsplash and countertop does create a continuous visual flow that adds a uniform look to your kitchen. Because granite comes in a wide range of colors and patterns, you can find any backsplash to match an existing counter.

However adding a contrasting color granite backsplash to an existing counter creates a visually dramatic look. You might match the backsplash to the floor, cabinets, or appliances. You could also pick out granite that has just a few specks of color that match an element in the room, whether it is the countertop or something else. The bottom line is that regardless of the granite you choose, it is a contemporary material made to last which adds to the value of your home. source:

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